Mobi Alerts: Surfacing information that matters

Get information that you care about like Alerts, Deals, News and Events happening near you

Stuff around Me with Privacy in mind

Walk into a store and we surface the News, Deals and Events where you are using Geo-Location and Beacons.
  • We don’t share your location or any identifiable information with retail merchants.
  • Share your deal, news and other Alerts with your friends on Facebook and
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Location context – Powered by Open Data and Technologies

Unlike other competitors building closed systems, we ask our merchants and other businesses
to post news, deals and events on their own websites using open Internet Technologies.

Mobi on Phones


  • Local information that includes News, Deals and Events.
  • Search for Places of Interest nearby
  • See a QR Code, we support them too!
  • Redeem deals on your phone
  • Add Local Events to your calendar
  • 1-Click buying

Mobi Alerts is your mobile browser for local information

Combining Maps, Location, QR and Beacon Technologies for a Private Local Experience

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Businesses – Sign up now

Businesses – publish your news, deals and events by posting a RSS xml file on your website.

  • You control the news, deals and events that your customer sees.
  • Scan the generated coupons using your current equipment.
  • You Pay only for Add-on services
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