Mobi Local: Surfacing Local information

Get information that you care about like Deals, News and Events happening near you

Local Mobile Browser for Info and Services

Walk into a store and check the latest News, Deals and Events and Interact with the store.

  • 1 click Pay using Apple Pay
  • Add Coupons to Passbook or Store events to your Calendar
  • Search for Places of Interest
  • Favorites Feed to track your Favorite Places
  • We don’t share your location with retail merchants.


Download a beta of  Mobi Local Android.


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Businesses – publish your news, deals and events by posting a RSS xml file on your website.

  • Increase Foot traffic by Engage customers around your locations.
  • 1-Click payment using your customer phone to redeem deals using Apple Pay.
  • Generate Passbook coupons for shoppers nearby.
  • Build a relationship with nearby shoppers.
  • Get started with a Free 90 day trial.