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Ash is the founder of Mobi Weave, Inc.

Mobi Local 2.1 iOS app and Mobi Local Android in beta

Our Mobi Local 2.1 iOS app is now live on the App store. We have simplified the UI and enhanced Place cards. Create your own custom Place Info cards to highlight custom information about your place.

iOS Simulator Screen Shot Feb 5, 2015, 12.52.45 PM iOS Simulator Screen Shot Feb 5, 2015, 12.41.11 PM iOS Simulator Screen Shot Feb 5, 2015, 12.42.42 PM


Also, our Mobi Local Android version is now in beta. Help us beta test it on a variety of Android devices.

Nexus7AroundMe Nexus7PlaceInfo


Why do you need a custom Local feed

Why does a Place or Business need a custom Local feed?

One of the first questions we get is Why is a custom local feed needed? Will our Facebook page do?

Our answer is that while Mobi Local uses Facebook pages and current ATOM/RSS feeds to show information about a place, a better choice is to create a custom local feed using the web tools of your choice.

There are couple of reasons

1. Facebook page feeds are oriented towards social. The goal behind them is brand promotion and interacting with Customers socially. When someone is seeing your Local feed they are already near your location, you need to get them in your store by offering them something interesting to engage them.

2.If the customers are in your store, the Local feed allows you to sell items via Apple Pay, create Passbook coupons, create Calendar events, etc. Basically, the Local feed allows you to interact with your customers on their mobile phones and automate services that you offer.

One of our scenarios is using Apple Pay in a Cafe

Currently, as a customer, when you enter a café, you need to stand in line, wait your turn, order, pay, wait to pick up items, find a place to sit.  As a Store Manager, Employees are tied up with the cash registers instead of fulfilling orders.

Using Mobi Local with a Cafe that has it own Local Feed, a customer, you pick a spot to sit and using your iPhone home screen, you pull up the Café’s menu and order and pay using Apple Pay. When your order is ready, your are notified and can pick it up. No Lines. Store Managers can focus the employees on making the best coffee instead and automate order and payments transparently.

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Mobi Aware is now Mobi Local

Mobi Aware was too confusing to our customers and did not convey what were doing. Polling different names, we finally decided on Mobi Local, which was well received.

You can download Mobi Local 1.2 on the Apple App Store and let us know how we can make your experience with it better.

You can also let us know where our local data needs to be improved.

A Open Micro standard for publishing Local Information using RSS and ATOM

Our goal is to leverage current open standards and not create proprietary ones and our choice of data format for Places to surface local information is RSS and ATOM.

Mobi Local looks for a Local RSS or ATOM feed for a Place/Business/Store and displays that to the user. This feed is found by scanning the Business website.

If a Local feed for a site is not found, we use the Facebook page feed to source the data. If the business has a Facebook Page Like link, we use it. The final fallback is to use the standard RSS/ATOM feeds for the business.

So, Why take the trouble to create a special local feed?

Using Mobi Local daily, we found that Facebook feeds works best in a social media settings. Generic RSS/ATOM feeds work best to convey information.

A Local feed is information that you would display when your customer is near your location. It’s like a Billboard, News, Daily Specials or List of Events. The goal is to attract the customer to your store. Depending on your business, your local feed would be different but it would be designed to increase walk-ins.

By creating a special local feed using open standards, your business allows Mobile Apps and other search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. to display information that will attract customers in the vicinity.

Here is a sample RSS Local Feed for Mobi Cafe, a hypothetical Cafe that is a local watering hole for Hipsters, that promotes various events and has deals.

Couple of notes

  • Line 12 – Uses the Pubsubhubbub protocol to for sites to notify us, when the feed changes.
  • Line 29 – Uses the RSS Enclosure tag for images.

We welcome feedback and […]

Mobile Billboards and beacons : Attract Customers and Increase Your Store Foot Traffic

Retail stores use traditional marketing and advertising such as billboards to announce their promotions to the world and entice shoppers to enter their stores. Now, what if we moved that billboard to their mobile devices. More and more consumers are increasingly glued to their mobile phones even as they are walking, maybe through a mall. I have caught myself doing that more than once. It becomes hard to pay attention to your environment around you when your nose is buried in your phone.

Mobi Aware is an app which allows retailers to project their billboard onto the consumers phones. The information includes and is not limited to deals, information of new products, events and anything which might be interesting to consumers.

Retailers can sign up at mobiweave.com. Several pricing options are available. We provide retailers with beacons which they would place in their stores. These beacons have a range of 70m and battery life of 1 month to 18 months depending on the type of beacon.


A beacon is a low powered bluetooth transmitter that can notify mobile devices of their presence. Having a beacon in the store will cause the Mobi Aware app to appear on the lock screen of the consumers mobile devices when they come in range of the beacon.

The Mobi Aware backend sources the data from already available data sources, such as RSS feeds from the retailers website and Facebook feeds. If the feed quality needs to be improved, Mobi Aware would work with the retailers to ensure that the feeds surface information that matters to consumers.

For retailers who do not use RSS feeds or Facebook feeds, Mobi Weave provides a website to enter the […]

Introducing Mobi Aware – Surfacing local information around you

Mobi Aware is a mobile app that surfaces Geo-Context to provide you with News, Deals, Events and other local information around you.

Location context – Powered by Open Data and Technologies
Unlike other competitors building closed systems, we ask our merchants and other businesses
to post news, deals and events on their own websites using open Internet Technologies.

News currently displays news for the United States only. Please contact us with your favorite local news sources around the world. We will writing about various features and how you can improve the app, in the next few days.

Download the iOS version from the Apple App Store and send us your feedback and feature requests in our User Voice forums.

Send a Yes No Alert

Sign Up

Sign up for Mobi Alerts using the following link https://Alerts.MobiWeave.com

SignInScreen Shot

Click Register.

Enter your email address, password, First Name and Last Name and click Register.

Activate Account

You will receive an email at your registered email address with an activation link. Click on the activation link to activate your account.

Sign In

Sign in at Mobi Alerts using the following link https://Alerts.MobiWeave.com

Compose Message

Click the Compose tab.


Enter the recepient’s email in the To field.

Select Yes No as Type.

Enter the subject of the message in the Title field.

Enter the body of the message in the Description field.

Click Send.

Yes No Notification

If the recipient of the message has Mobi Alerts installed on the mobile device, they will receive the following notification.



If the recipient of the message does not have Mobi Alerts installed on the mobile device, they will receive the following email.

Subject: Kate’s skating lesson reminder


Heather is using the Mobi Alerts service to send you the following message:

Hi Orina,

I’m writing to confirm Kate’s skating lesson for Sat, 10/4 @ 1:45pm-2pm. I’ll see her then!

Thank you!

Please use the following links to respond to Heather


Mobi Alerts is a platform that allows its users to send rich actionable messages as notification to your mobile device.

Thank You!
Mobi Alerts Team

Actionable Alerts bridging the gap between your SMS and Inbox

Mobi Weave is excited to launch Mobi Alerts, a notification service designed to provide rich actionable notifications on your mobile devices.

People are always striving to achieve success. The key to being successful is being able to build and sustain strong relationships, both in our personal and professional worlds. We currently have a lot of tools at our disposal to achieve this. We at Mobi Weave have been focussing on 2 of the foremost tools used by people today. In an emergency situation where you need to get a hold of someone immediately, you would call or text the person. The other prevalent tool used is email. Email allows you to send rich messages. A message can be marked important to indicate priority.

We believe that there is a channel which exists between the text/SMS and email channels. Introducing Mobi Alerts, a channel providing rich actionable notifications. These actions will allow the user to process the message.



Our list of actions is an ever growing list.

A set of actions along with a notification message will allow you to create a wide range of notification messages which will be associated with a notification type.


Custom actions and notification types can be added to enable new scenarios.



RSS and ATOM Integration now available – Get alerts from feeds

Our new management console is now in beta and you can subscribe to RSS and ATOM feeds and get notified on your mobile devices.

1. Go to https://Alerts.MobiWeave.com and sign in
2. Click on the Feeds tab
3. Add an url to a RSS and ATOM feed and click subscribe.

This feature is still in beta and we are looking for feedback on how to make it better. More docs coming soon.

– Ash

Forward your emails to Mobi Alerts

One of the most requested features has been – Can I setup email rules in my Outlook/Exchange/Gmail/iMail to send me notifications on important items that require my urgent attention.

We are happy to announce that the feature is now in beta…

To use it…
1. Download Mobi Alerts
2. Signup and Sign in to Mobi Alerts
3. With the email account you signed up with, send a email to forward@alerts.mobiweave.com

You should see a notification on Mobi Alerts with the information you sent.

4. Add forwarding rules to your email client to forward important emails to forward@alerts.mobiweave.com

Let us know how you are using this feature and we will be happy to feature you in a future blog post.

– Ash